Cute coastal towns in Norway

Cute coastal towns in Norway

I love road tripping in summer. Norway is a beautiful country and driving here is easy. So why not explore my own country when possible? This is a road trip which includes several charming tiny towns by the coast a couple of hours south of Oslo, the capital of Norway. Here’s some inspiration on how and where to enjoy summer in Norway if you have a weekend off, as this roadtrip can be achieved in one day. It’s also worth mentioning that all these towns/places are easily accessible from E18, which is the highway from Oslo to Kristiansand. Enjoy!

VALLE is a tiny place (it’s in fact not even a town) where it’s possible to park your car, go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful boats in the marina. Smak på Valle serves really good food, you can have lunch or dinner while enjoying the calming sights of the ocean.




HYDROSTRANDA is a beautiful beach ca 30 minutes from Valle. It’s a 10 minutes walk from where you park your car until you get to the beach. This is a nice and relaxing walk where you’ll find yourself surrounded by trees, until suddenly the ocean is visible in the distance.


LANGESUND is a small town ca 20 minutes from Hydrostranda. This is a typical Norwegian summer town, which means it’s more or less dead in winter. There are several places to go for long walks, I recommend a walk to Tangen Fort. Or you can find a cute cafe and enjoy the ocean and sounds of summer around you.


BREVIK is where you stop for ice cream. This is a small town by the ocean by what used to be the old highway from Kristiansand to Oslo many years ago, and ca 10 minutes to drive from Langesund. This town is in fact so charming and cute it’s impossible not to love it. The tiny city center has several ice cream bars with some of the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had. I recommend that you enjoy your ice cream outside while looking at the ocean and swans which are always around.



NEVLUNGHAVN is ca 30 minutes to drive from Brevik. Like Valle, this is a place, not a town. This place has the most charming bakery in the South of Norway, I’m sure! They make the best cakes I’ve ever had, and also serve sandwiches and baguettes for lunch – always with a smile. Nevlunghavn also has a beach where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets.



MØLEN is a place to go for a walk. You can walk from Nevlunghavn, but this is a bit of a walk, so I recommend driving 10 minutes from Nevlunghavn to get there. I’m not going to say much about Mølen, since I’ve already written a separate blog post about it, but it’s definitely not a place you should miss out on.


STAVERN is a beautiful old town, in fact they’ve found that it existed (however in a different form) as far back as year 1100! I recommend that you go for a walk to the Fortress, Memory Hall and coastal area. If you’re hungry after all the walking, Gule Galleriet serves delicious snacks, cheese and biscuits, pizza etc. It’s ca 20 minutes to drive from Mølen.





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