Chocolate – we all deserve a little luxury

Chocolate – we all deserve a little luxury

When I have a bad day, I always buy myself two things; a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses, and a box of delicious quality chocolate. I’m aware I can’t buy happiness, but I’ve always found that having a bouquet of beautiful flowers to look at and a few pieces of chocolate in a gorgeous box will improve my mood.   There’s no better feeling than curling up on the couch with a soft throw, a new book on my iPad, a box of chocolate and a cup of tea.

When I travel, I always make sure to buy some luxury chocolate to enjoy in my hotel room when I arrive. I’m one of those people who’d rather have a few pieces of well made chocolate than a large bag of cheap duty free chocolate. There’s obviously nothing wrong with cheaper chocolate, I just enjoy allowing myself a little luxury after a stressful day.

I’ve tried several brands of chocolate while traveling, and in this post I’ve mentioned some of my favorites. I recommend that you curl up on the couch with some chocolate while reading this post.

ANTHON BERG was a green grocer in Denmark who decided to try making chocolate as it’s popularity spread through Europe in the 18th century. They’re known for their chocolate covered marzipan (f.ex. Strawberry in Champagne), and they also make the most beautiful gift boxes of chocolate with other filling. Some of their boxes now include wrapped pieces with fun texts like “I think we will go well together”, “I’m sweet but you’re amazing” and “Yes, you deserve me”. Anthon Berg is, in addition to deliver chocolate to the Royal Danish Court, sold worldwide. It’s easy to find this brand in most duty free stores, and many high end grocery stores import them.


LINDT CHOCOLATE was founded by Rodolphe Lindt in 1879 in Switzerland. 1879 is exactly 100 years before I was born, which surely must be a sign, as Lindt is my favorite brand. Lindt comes in all shapes and sizes, from plain chocolate bars to the most delicious truffles. In my opinion, they make the most beautiful gift boxes of all the brands I know of. Their boxes are perfect gifts for any friend or family member. I especially recommend that you check out their Christmas editions, they are unique. My favorite is a box of 20 mini pralines in a beautiful shiny pink gift box. Lindt Chocolate is sold in pretty much every high end grocery store and duty free store worldwide.


GUYLIAN is one of the most delicious Belgian chocolates I know of. They make bars and truffles, and are probably mostly known for their seashell designs. Guy Foubert was a Belgian chocolatier who married his lover Liliane in 1958, and that’s when GuyLian was founded. Who can resist such a sweet love story? This brand has an artistic touch to their pralines, and their seashell collection is stunning. Their gift boxes come in different sizes, some beautifully wrapped. All the boxes include both darker and lighter delicious pralines with hazelnut filling. GuyLian is the main sponsor of Project Seahorse, an organization which main goal is to preserve seahorses and their marine environment. This brand in sold in many high end grocery stores worldwide, and in most duty free stores.


KONG HAAKON was created by a very famous Norwegian brand called Freia. This beautiful box of luxury chocolate was launched in 1905 as a celebration of freedom and The King, when Norway became a free country. Haakon is a traditional (royal) Norwegian name, and also the name of our current crown prince. Freia chocolate comes in pretty much every shape and size, from plain chocolate bars to the finest luxury pralines. Freia is mostly sold in Norway and Sweden, maybe a few other nordic countries. If you’re in Oslo, you should visit the Freia Store on Karl Johan. In Norway you’ll find Freia chocolate in every grocery and duty free store, however their luxury gift boxes are only available in high end grocery stores.


AFTER EIGHTS are delicious thin mint chocolates created by Graham Edwards Rowntree and Company Limited in 1962, though they are currently manufactured by Nestlé. The intention when they were created was to use them as after-dinner mints. They come in classy dark green boxes with white and gold text. My favorites are the mint straws. The straws seem to be covered in more chocolate than the flat squares, and they look elegant on any table. They’re sold in most grocery and duty free stores in Europe, and selected stores in the rest of the world.


If you know of any other delicious chocolates, please comment.

6 thoughts on “Chocolate – we all deserve a little luxury”

  • You’ve made the chocoholic in me very hungry 😂 I looove Lindt and Guylian. In the Lindt cafe in Sydney they have a huge selection of Lindor balls in soo many flavours and you can create your own box – you’d love it! I need to try the others on your list now 😉

  • OMG! what are you doing to me! I need to find these chocolate ASAP! So hungry. great pictures of them btw. And I really need to start buying some chocolates for the winter! They feel so appropriate!

    • Yes chocolates are necessary for winter that’s true! You really need to try some of this brands they’re sooo good 🤣

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