Borough Market – London

Borough Market – London

I love markets – all markets from electronics to clothes and food. I’ve actually only been to one annual food market here in Norway, which I look forward to every year.

When I was in London recently, a friend recommended Borough Market. I was a bit hesitant as I was there for a weekend only, and I had heard both positive and negative opinions about it. But then I found myself on London Bridge – for those of you who don’t know, Borough Market is situated almost under the bridge, and I couldn’t resist walking toward the food, as it smelled delicious everywhere.


The entrance to the market is really charming, and it’s obvious that the market is ca 1000 years old, a fact in which I find very impressive! It’s partly indoor and partly outdoor, so don’t let the weather stop you. I found the market surprisingly small, but the vendors made up for it by creating a fun cheerful atmosphere.

I didn’t buy anything at all, which I regret now that I’m at home feeling hungry and blogging about it. I wish I bought bread, cheese, cake, fudge and lemon juice and brought back to my hotel!

Would I recommend going? If you’re staying on the opposite side of the city centre and have lots of plans elsewhere my answer is no. It’s neither a big tourist attraction as it’s a small market, nor is it very cheap. However if you end up in the area it’s definitely not a waste of time to drop by. I imagine I’ll go again and by the bread and cheese for breakfast and cake for dessert! A girl is allowed to dream, right?!?